Needs More Swashbuckling and/or explosions
Badoop boop boop

How I feel about pretty much everything rn

The cafeteria across from the art building has the BEST onion rings

Don’t become an art student they will make you not only buy but carry a TON OF STUFF OMG

Yesterday my roommate was having computer problems and I probably made it worse helped her out. 

Also, ten friendship points to anyone that can get this reference.

Some doodles of what I wore the first two days of college! I need to get back in the drawing groove for my art classes. 

The black stuff on my hands in the second one is india ink. My 2D prof made the mistake of telling me ‘do whatever’ with it. 

thefrozentiger mentioned the other day that Jensen would make a great Nathan Drake and it was super weird because I had literally just paused uncharted to check tumblr and then she suggested we both draw him as Nathan and this happened

I played with some different brushes and I actually rather like it. 

helpwillgrahamcracker asked: (for the draw your favorite character thing) SHERLOCK

I’m more of an Elementary fan so I compromised by drawing Joan and Molly having cookies and tea c: I feel like they’d be friends.

Send me more fandoms to draw guys! 

It is late and I made a thing for my feelings

I don’t even know. It’s late and I felt like drawing silly faces and jetpacks?

This is infinitysedge's character Aleck. I sent him on an adventure because he seemed like he needed some cheering up. Tumblr only allows ten photos in a photoset so this is it. But how is Aleck going to get down to the button?